Monday, July 23, 2012

A thought for today... I'm so Blessed to wake up to experience this every morning! Thank You Lord for letting me have just one more day..
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lifestyle Changes!

I'm going to stray away from what I normally post on my blog for this one entry.. Just be patient it will not be a ongoing occurrence! Pinky Promise :D 

I've been a struggling victim of bad genes and weight conscious issues since I hit puberty. I've never been "overweight" or obese per say.. But I have had issues on determining what exactly is considered healthy or what exactly my body image was to look like. In high school I was encouraged to be as thin as possible.. but I was a active, sports playing, well fed girl! There was just no way I was going to live up to others standards! It wasn't till recently that I ditched the persona I learned in high school on what I was supposed to be and embrace what I was! I was a thick moderately in shape woman with curves and that can be sexy too! 


 Also while in high school I made a conscious effort to cut out ALL sugary beverages and increase my intake of water. As a lifestyle choice that was made at such a early age i've noticed that it's not really a issue for me as a young adult. It wasn't made apparent to me till today on what exactly was consisted in these beverages.

And this is just with one coke a day! When I 

noticed this I knew I wasn't bee-sing my cousin when I told her even one coke a day was bad for you! I know a lot of you are asking.. what is she getting with this blog post.. HAHA I know i'm right there with you! I guess what i'm really trying to say is.. For those of you feeling a bit discouraged with your weight or you just need just a place to start.. Maybe cutting out the sugar drinks and adding more water could be a start? I maintain a work out schedule of 5 days a week if not 6. I'm no where near a fitness model material.. but I can say.. the little things do count and just making ONE lifestyle change can help significantly! For further encouragement just bite the bullet and begin somewhere! And remember you don't have to live up to anyone else's expectations! Do what makes you healthy and happy and live life! 

I'll have a junkesque post soon I just wanted to relay on my current infatuation at the moment! I mean you have to have some fitness to go dumpster diving! 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last week I was contacted by the lovely Cathe Holden from JSIM notifying me that I had won the Elmer's Craft It giveaway on her blog! After years of joining in for potential giveaways I actually won one!! For me it was like winning the lottery! After such a HORRIBLE week today I got my lovely surprise in the mail and it really brightened up my day! Thank You Elmer's and Just Something I Made for hosting such a fabulous giveaway! 

                        All my wonderful goodies laid out!

                                    Stay tuned for some projects with the use of these items!

                                         Many Blessings,

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Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm bbbbaaaccck!

First off I need to say a BIG thank you for all of the new comers who found me through FPTFY!

I was just ABSOLUTELY blown away with all the wonderful responses and great support from all of you lovely bloggers. I was even more flabbergasted when my "blogging" idols the woman who's blogs i've read for YEARS left comments saying they liked my stuff! Wow really?? You like my projects?? Your site gave me inspiration to do this! Right on! Haha 

So now that I got all that out of the way.. I hope i'll be forgiven for not posting in such a LONG time.. Bad Jamie.. Bad! I have had such difficult time these past few weeks with just about everything! Anything that could go wrong did.. and that just didn't leave much time for my "2nd" life! I would like to share with you guys my newest "junkin" auction hauls.. Now please be prepared to have your inhaler by your side because you will LOSE YOUR MIND when you find out how much I paid for all of this stuff. As a reminder I should say everything i've found this past week is only half of my lot.. The rest is in my storage unit so it's not clogging up the house! 
First up is the quilt I bought.. 

I was just SURE that this quilt would fetch a pretty penny when I first saw it at the auction. I mean come on it's PINK! I mean anyone in their right mind would just look at this and say WOW.. But no.. It was one of the last things to be sold and I got it for 5 DOLLARS! 5! Bazinga!

                               Heres a close up of the pattern of the quilt.

Now this is just a sample of a some of the hidden gems I found in a moving box FULL of sheets music! I mean a WHOLE box of nothing but sheet music.. The box is now in my storage building because it's just too big to be in my living room. I'll be working to take the pieces apart and selling some sheet music lots soon! I found these unused valentines, Annie Comic, and ledger cards in the box! And the best part was the box was 3 dollars! 

Now I bet your going what the heck.. A pizza box whateves.. Now if you have this attitude you just might miss out on some prime time goodies while out junking. This box was on the floor tossed to the side of the tables.. My first thought is why the hell is their a pizza box at a Antique Auction.. So when I lifted the lid I almost had a prime time Grease Dripping Pizza heart attack! 

A WHOLE pizza box full of vintage jewelry.. This is only a bit of what was in the box. The rest is in my storage building ready to be sold.. This was the treasure I hoarded out for my own personal use! What a find.. This was the most expensive thing I bought that night. I paid 15 dollars because this new comer came and insisted on trying to out bid me... SUCKER! 

I just get all giddy when I find nurse related paraphernalia. Since my hope's and dreams is to be a nurse in the Army.. I nip this stuff up fast! Lucky for me it was all found in my sheet music box lot! The sheet music with the nurse on it has God's light shinning down on her. I find it amusingly morbid that it looks like blood dripping down her dress! I know i'm weird. The bottom piece was a how too guide on how to save a life from a local funeral home. IDK about you but wouldn't that be taking business from them :D 

My next treasure was a magazine sample of mounting corners. Ever since I saw a lady on Antiques Roadshow bring in a picnic basket full of her great grandmothers magazine samples from the 30's worth 2,200! I have secretly been obsessed! You can just imagine my joy when I found this in my sheet music lot! It will now reside with my mini Vaseline sample I found in a sewing drawer. I just LOVE mini vintage! 

Next up are the treasure's I found while in Alabama this weekend for some Army Training. I had just enough time to squeeze in a visit to my favorite thrift store. Its just full of the nicest young men who are recovering drug addicts that found their way to the Lord! Praise God! 

This is only half of the fabric I found the rest is drying on the line :D 

I also found some flash cards and some chalk pastels!

Now this was questionable.. but I think with some paint and some love this will make a nifty little jewelry holder or a place to put my scissors! 

I hope this blog post makes up for not posting the past few weeks. I'll try to be better about it! Also if any of you guys know how to turn a button image into a blog button with the code I would GREATLY appreciate a tutorial how to do it! Also don't forget to add Thrifty Vintage Peach's Facebook page HERE!

                                                            Many blessings! 

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Monday, May 28, 2012


The lovely Keren at Free Pretty Things For You has been so sweet and helpful to me as a new blogger. FPTFY has been one of my favorite blogs to visit for quite sometime now. When Keren offered to host a freebie for me I was absolutely thrilled! She is not only sweet and giving but EXTREMELY talented!! I sure hope you all enjoy her lovely freebie that she created with a few of my favorite things! I hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed Memorial Day! Please remember to say a silent prayer of those that  gave their lives protecting our country. 

To download this image go HERE!

Hope Ya'll enjoy it! 

Don't forget to grab a button and to hit the follow button! 

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day and what it means to me.

Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.- Romans 13:7

Memorial Day has been a time to kick off some pre summer celebrations. A time for you to dust off the old BBQ, head out to a community social, and tick down the days till summer. I like any other person enjoy that just as much, but for me it's more about remembrance and self sacrifice. 

This handsome fellow is my cousin SPC Russell Shane Hercules Jr. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country on October 1st 2009. I never met someone that was so brave, so honest, and so giving in my life. He was a honorable man and left some mighty footsteps to fill! Russell died just 3 months after seeing his newborn baby son Christopher. 

This is a picture during Russell's R&R of him holding Christopher for the first time since he was born. Russell's main prospect in life was to be a father and to have a family of his own. I thank God everyday that he was blessed to see and hug and hold that precious baby. Although Russell's life was cut way too short he left behind a lineage for us to take on. Because of Russell and other men and woman like him we are granted the luxury of doing this everyday for ourselves. With self sacrifices like this we are able to BBQ and spend this weekend with our family's. As a member of the military myself I only ask that you don't take this weekend for granted. Love your family and every moment that you spend with them. I want you to live the life that Russell and so many other brave me and woman aren't able to have. I want you to sit and say a silent prayer for Russell and families like ours. I want you to be THANKFUL for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and spread the knowledge that this is what Memorial Day is about! 
I want to say a personal thank you to all those that gave their lives. To those that are away from their families right now to defend our country. Without you we wouldn't be able to have the life that we do.. THANK YOU!

I LOVE YOU FOREVER Bubba! Keep watchin out for my 6! 

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends". - John 15:13

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sorry blogging friends.. I've been putting my blog on the back burner for a bit due to moving! I absolutely LOVE being in the mountains! I've been catching up on my summer reading list and enjoying my alone time. Really stopping to smell the roses and enjoying day by day living!

Isn't this picture just lovely?? Don't you wish you could just do this all day.. I haven't been able to do any crafting lately because all my stuff is still packed up but here is a project I worked on right before I moved. I got a bag of spools from a church sale for 1.00 and made a small flower to go on it for a little decor. Now that I think about it.. this flower would be great for a hair barrett!            

I'm joining the party at: for whatever you want Wednesdays!!!
              Pincushion Creations  for her link party/giveaway!                                                            

Many Blessings, 
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A new Chapter in Life.

A song to celebrate the new chapter in my new life.. On ward to what God wants me to do! I feel confident brighter days are coming! Thank You Lord for guiding me and helping me see what needs to be seen.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Blues and Craigslist Bliss.

This is what my craft room looks like currently. I'm in the process of moving to the Appalachians! A joyful yet sad moment for me. I've been stationed in Savannah Ga for going on 2 1/2 years now and I absolutely love it here! Unfortunately my family needs me closer to home and due to some unsettling home issues this is the path I believe God wants me to take, so i'm just taking it with stride! I also feel like it's a atrocity to even pack my vintage goodies up in liquor boxes.. but hey I was desperate for boxes and I wasn't about to pay 10 dollars a box! No thanks U haul! 

Since i've been moving i've been getting rid of a lot of stuff and listing it on Craigslist. I have been contemplating doing this because I have heard some real horror stories! My experience so far has been great though! I've sold 2 items and i've made 100 bucks! Thats great due to the fact that they were hand me downs! I'm just interested for those of you out there that are avid craigslist sellers of redone furniture finds or just goods in general. Even Etsy, Ebay, and other online websites where you sale your goods what it's like. What has been your general opinion and experience with doing this? I would love to start and I would love to get any advice I can get!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flea Market Finds on Mothers Day!

First off.. Happy Mothers Day too all you mom's out there! I hope your day was just filled with wonderful fun and love for all! Since I live 7 hours away from my mom I sent her a package full of her favorite things.. I hope you liked it Mom!! Thanks for being the best Momma in the whole wide world! For myself I went to the local Flea Market that is only a mile from my house! I love Kellers Flea Market there is always a deal to be had there! Below is a picture of the finds I found today.. Since it was a bit rainy today my picture isn't as great as I hoped.. but you can still see everything I found.


Yesterday I jotted down in my new journal that I wanted a Yo Yo Quilt.. I didn't find one of those but this pillow is just as adorable! A great find for just 5 dollars.. I also found a whole bunch of crocheted squares in just mouth watering colors! I see a banner in their future maybe for one of my nieces rooms or birthdays! Also a brand new Bare Minerals Brush and mineral Vail for 3 bucks! You can't beat that with a stick! On top of that I paid 2 bucks a piece for the rose glass goblets I just love these and they match my kitchen!

My next find is from my favorite vender! He has a antique store inside of the flea market! It's inside a old general store of sorts and he has 2 full size tables FULL of jewelry. I make a effort to visit him every time I get a chance but this weekend he didn't really have much of a selection. I still managed to pick out these beauty's for 8 dollars for everything. I can't wait to do some altered projects with these!  
Thank you again for stopping by please feel free to hit the follow button and pass me on! I look forward to chatting with you all!
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I joined the SMASH bandwagon!

WOW what a deal I got on my SMASH items today at Michaels! I've been holding off on buying this eye candy for quite sometime and today I just figured.. You know what Jamie every good blogger needs a journal of sorts to write one's thoughts, might as well be one as pretty as this! I got the Pretty style because i'm a PINK OHOLIC!

I just love how everything coordinates with everything! Although i'm not working for K and Company with this post I recommend everyone running out and using this online coupon code that they are having until tomorrow!

Maybe one day I can get K & Company to host a give away of this product for my blog! Fingers Crossed! And remember don't forget to hit the FOLLOW button! 

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Goodwill Tidings

Nothing like a good Goodwill haul to make your day brighten up! A wonderful white birdcage that didn't need any work it was perfect just as it was! Some pretty bottles that are just dying to be gussied up! Doilies, silver plated spoons, a vanity tray and a stamp set! Just some very lovely things just waiting for me to find. 

As for project wise.. I took a shadow box of sorts from the thrift store. I only paid 1 dollar for it a little much but it's for charity! I added some paper and some small items I found in a sewing drawer that I found out in my families barn. Glued it all together and I got a little memory keeper to cherish forever.

Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget to hit the follow button!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage No Heat Curls!

I came across the idea of no heat curls while internet surfing. It looked easy enough and after watching a few Youtube videos I got up enough courage to do it myself. I'm not big into hair froofing.. I can't seem to get my hair to look like all the lovely ladies out there on the internet. So I figured this wasn't much of a challenge seeing as how there was no curling iron envolved!

Here's the before process:

And here is the After:

If your interested in trying this.. I choose this video as the most useful and helpful to me!

I'm anxious to see how your hair adventures turn out!


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time sure fly's when your crafting!

Today I decided since it was raining outside I should get a least ONE project completed. Sometimes it's just easier to run out and buy supplies or read blogs all day than sitting down and completing some projects! Today I was determined to make just one! I took a clock that I got with a oil can lot at a auction and I turned it into something my craft room could benefit from! The color alone was to die for but the clock background was wilted and the plastic front was all scratched to pieces. It just wasn't suitable to my tastes. With a few coats of paint to the clock hardware.. Some October Afternoon paper I got something worth appreciating!

What do you guys think? Was it worth the effort? 

Thanks for stopping by until next time!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family of "Pickers"

Last time I went back home to see my family in NC I was fortunate to pick up this beauty! 

 My Great Uncle had it out back in a shed and was very generous to give it to me. I offered to pay him for it but he just wouldn't have it. He didn't understand why I was so excited for what he thought was a piece of junk. Well as most of you guys know that are reading this.. Junk is our specialty and most of you would of probably got just as bubbly about it as I did! After bringing it home to Savannah Ga in my Hyundai Sonata... Yeah... you heard me right I looked like The Beverly Hillbillies driving down the interstate with this lovely shelf hanging out of my trunk! I got it home scrubbed it down and gave it a few coats of paint and wola!!!

Here's my beauty after a little love and care. I now have a new place for all my vintage fabrics and doo dads. Once I get my doors back on and my curtains sewn up.. I'll have me a lovely cabinet that was worth the trip down to GA! Thank you SOOO much Uncle Earnest for being so very generous to give me your dumpster dive find. I hope I made you very proud with the outcome!

Also while in NC I went to some sales and auctions with my Aunt's and Uncles. My family is really big into antiques and things with age. It was a memory to be had getting to spend the day with my family in search of some good finds. Above is a few of the goodies I brought home! Gosh I LOVE other peoples cast offs! Who wouldn't want this stuff??? I see lots of projects down the road with my finds! Also not pictured was a Quilt me and my Great Aunt were bidding against each other for in the auction.  Of course we were unaware that we up bided each other but we ended up winning anyway. For 20 bucks we got a Depression era quilt and I am absolutely in LOVE. My aunt decided she would pay half and I would go half and I would get to take it home... God I love that woman! I'm so fortunate to have a family that enjoys the same things as me! 

I hope you liked today's blog entry! The blog train is slowly scootin along but hopefully it will be going full speed in no time! Thanks for stopping by!

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