Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm bbbbaaaccck!

First off I need to say a BIG thank you for all of the new comers who found me through FPTFY!

I was just ABSOLUTELY blown away with all the wonderful responses and great support from all of you lovely bloggers. I was even more flabbergasted when my "blogging" idols the woman who's blogs i've read for YEARS left comments saying they liked my stuff! Wow really?? You like my projects?? Your site gave me inspiration to do this! Right on! Haha 

So now that I got all that out of the way.. I hope i'll be forgiven for not posting in such a LONG time.. Bad Jamie.. Bad! I have had such difficult time these past few weeks with just about everything! Anything that could go wrong did.. and that just didn't leave much time for my "2nd" life! I would like to share with you guys my newest "junkin" auction hauls.. Now please be prepared to have your inhaler by your side because you will LOSE YOUR MIND when you find out how much I paid for all of this stuff. As a reminder I should say everything i've found this past week is only half of my lot.. The rest is in my storage unit so it's not clogging up the house! 
First up is the quilt I bought.. 

I was just SURE that this quilt would fetch a pretty penny when I first saw it at the auction. I mean come on it's PINK! I mean anyone in their right mind would just look at this and say WOW.. But no.. It was one of the last things to be sold and I got it for 5 DOLLARS! 5! Bazinga!

                               Heres a close up of the pattern of the quilt.

Now this is just a sample of a some of the hidden gems I found in a moving box FULL of sheets music! I mean a WHOLE box of nothing but sheet music.. The box is now in my storage building because it's just too big to be in my living room. I'll be working to take the pieces apart and selling some sheet music lots soon! I found these unused valentines, Annie Comic, and ledger cards in the box! And the best part was the box was 3 dollars! 

Now I bet your going what the heck.. A pizza box whateves.. Now if you have this attitude you just might miss out on some prime time goodies while out junking. This box was on the floor tossed to the side of the tables.. My first thought is why the hell is their a pizza box at a Antique Auction.. So when I lifted the lid I almost had a prime time Grease Dripping Pizza heart attack! 

A WHOLE pizza box full of vintage jewelry.. This is only a bit of what was in the box. The rest is in my storage building ready to be sold.. This was the treasure I hoarded out for my own personal use! What a find.. This was the most expensive thing I bought that night. I paid 15 dollars because this new comer came and insisted on trying to out bid me... SUCKER! 

I just get all giddy when I find nurse related paraphernalia. Since my hope's and dreams is to be a nurse in the Army.. I nip this stuff up fast! Lucky for me it was all found in my sheet music box lot! The sheet music with the nurse on it has God's light shinning down on her. I find it amusingly morbid that it looks like blood dripping down her dress! I know i'm weird. The bottom piece was a how too guide on how to save a life from a local funeral home. IDK about you but wouldn't that be taking business from them :D 

My next treasure was a magazine sample of mounting corners. Ever since I saw a lady on Antiques Roadshow bring in a picnic basket full of her great grandmothers magazine samples from the 30's worth 2,200! I have secretly been obsessed! You can just imagine my joy when I found this in my sheet music lot! It will now reside with my mini Vaseline sample I found in a sewing drawer. I just LOVE mini vintage! 

Next up are the treasure's I found while in Alabama this weekend for some Army Training. I had just enough time to squeeze in a visit to my favorite thrift store. Its just full of the nicest young men who are recovering drug addicts that found their way to the Lord! Praise God! 

This is only half of the fabric I found the rest is drying on the line :D 

I also found some flash cards and some chalk pastels!

Now this was questionable.. but I think with some paint and some love this will make a nifty little jewelry holder or a place to put my scissors! 

I hope this blog post makes up for not posting the past few weeks. I'll try to be better about it! Also if any of you guys know how to turn a button image into a blog button with the code I would GREATLY appreciate a tutorial how to do it! Also don't forget to add Thrifty Vintage Peach's Facebook page HERE!

                                                            Many blessings! 

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  1. Great finds! There are ooodles of things you could do with the sheet music! Have a great weekend!

  2. Where exactly is this storage unit? I might need to take a peek in it...Beautiful finds...lucky girl. Smiles...Renee

  3. Oh wow...You found some great finds girl!!!

  4. Oh wow...You found some great finds girl!!!

  5. Such lovely finds!! Love the card with the sweet boy and girl!! xo Heather