Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flea Market Finds on Mothers Day!

First off.. Happy Mothers Day too all you mom's out there! I hope your day was just filled with wonderful fun and love for all! Since I live 7 hours away from my mom I sent her a package full of her favorite things.. I hope you liked it Mom!! Thanks for being the best Momma in the whole wide world! For myself I went to the local Flea Market that is only a mile from my house! I love Kellers Flea Market there is always a deal to be had there! Below is a picture of the finds I found today.. Since it was a bit rainy today my picture isn't as great as I hoped.. but you can still see everything I found.


Yesterday I jotted down in my new journal that I wanted a Yo Yo Quilt.. I didn't find one of those but this pillow is just as adorable! A great find for just 5 dollars.. I also found a whole bunch of crocheted squares in just mouth watering colors! I see a banner in their future maybe for one of my nieces rooms or birthdays! Also a brand new Bare Minerals Brush and mineral Vail for 3 bucks! You can't beat that with a stick! On top of that I paid 2 bucks a piece for the rose glass goblets I just love these and they match my kitchen!

My next find is from my favorite vender! He has a antique store inside of the flea market! It's inside a old general store of sorts and he has 2 full size tables FULL of jewelry. I make a effort to visit him every time I get a chance but this weekend he didn't really have much of a selection. I still managed to pick out these beauty's for 8 dollars for everything. I can't wait to do some altered projects with these!  
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