Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family of "Pickers"

Last time I went back home to see my family in NC I was fortunate to pick up this beauty! 

 My Great Uncle had it out back in a shed and was very generous to give it to me. I offered to pay him for it but he just wouldn't have it. He didn't understand why I was so excited for what he thought was a piece of junk. Well as most of you guys know that are reading this.. Junk is our specialty and most of you would of probably got just as bubbly about it as I did! After bringing it home to Savannah Ga in my Hyundai Sonata... Yeah... you heard me right I looked like The Beverly Hillbillies driving down the interstate with this lovely shelf hanging out of my trunk! I got it home scrubbed it down and gave it a few coats of paint and wola!!!

Here's my beauty after a little love and care. I now have a new place for all my vintage fabrics and doo dads. Once I get my doors back on and my curtains sewn up.. I'll have me a lovely cabinet that was worth the trip down to GA! Thank you SOOO much Uncle Earnest for being so very generous to give me your dumpster dive find. I hope I made you very proud with the outcome!

Also while in NC I went to some sales and auctions with my Aunt's and Uncles. My family is really big into antiques and things with age. It was a memory to be had getting to spend the day with my family in search of some good finds. Above is a few of the goodies I brought home! Gosh I LOVE other peoples cast offs! Who wouldn't want this stuff??? I see lots of projects down the road with my finds! Also not pictured was a Quilt me and my Great Aunt were bidding against each other for in the auction.  Of course we were unaware that we up bided each other but we ended up winning anyway. For 20 bucks we got a Depression era quilt and I am absolutely in LOVE. My aunt decided she would pay half and I would go half and I would get to take it home... God I love that woman! I'm so fortunate to have a family that enjoys the same things as me! 

I hope you liked today's blog entry! The blog train is slowly scootin along but hopefully it will be going full speed in no time! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So like I really want one of these LOL..I need to find one.