Monday, January 28, 2013

Missing in action!

 Hey Guys! 

I honestly can not believe it has been since July since I last posted! I guess school was going to keep me more occupied than I thought! I did however get a chance to knock out some long awaited projects that I have been itching to get around to! 

             First off my new belt buckle that I have been hoarding all my jewelry to make!

I know it isn't perfect but I adore it! I already have 2 orders for friends! :D Nothing say's me more than Diamonds and Rhinestones! 

My second project was a Pinterest special! I know i'm not the only one that spends hours day dreaming on there about potential projects that we want to make! So this weekend I decided I was just going to bite the bullet and accomplish a project I had my eyes on for a while. 

If you have any old Glade candle's left over or you can make a trip to the Dollar Tree. These make wonderful Valentines Day gifts and they are so cheap to make! Just Modpodge and Martha's Glitter and wham bam your done! 

Well i've got to scoot I have some studying to get done! Thank You for dropping by and don't forget to comment and share! 

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